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Virtual Coffee & Networking

panel discussion
The ever-changing world – COVID-19 and other disruptive events and their trading impact

  • Mar – June of this year have seen covid-19 related stock market moves both up and down that are unprecedented – how have traders responded?
  • With the impacts of the global crisis ongoing, how have traders weathered the storm, and what has changed for daily trading?
  • How has this Black Swan event changed the trading workplace, and will remote working become the new normal for traders?
  • The Decarbonisation, Deglobalisation and Digitalisation: Are these pre-COVID-19 trends still ranking high in the priority ladder?
  • How could the new models of the workplace drive retail PPAs and a more consumer centric focus?
  • What are the impacts on the momentum of the climate change discussion?

Harry Huang, Head of Trading, PETROCHINA


Development of intraday trading

panel discussion
Price drivers in gas, power and oil – What movements do we see and foresee?
  • The global changes to daily life forced by the virus could have wide ranging impacts on the energy market – how has the shift of industrial energy requirements to retail supply changed trading patterns?
  • With a drop in energy demand due to closed production plants and a slowing of productivity in general, what are the potential ramifications for new capacity in renewables?
  • With global travel bans in place threatening to weaken transaction volumes, when could we expect to see a pick up in the market?
  • Possible re-lockdowns: How are the forward markets reacting?
  • What role is storage development playing?

Clive Lambert, Chief Technical Analyst, FuturesTechs

from 11.40 – Roundtable Group Discussions
The audience will split in groups to discuss the below topics:

  • Gas markets: What will happen in case of negative prices?
  • Oil markets: How is the sector recovering from the historic low in April?
  • Power markets: What a recession will mean for the power market?
  • LNG markets: Has its development been put on hold by the global crisis?
  • Emissions markets: Have they been spared by the crisis?
  • Renewables

AI in energy trading front office


Forecasting tools for a more efficient and profitable trading


Case study: Your algo trading implementation journey

panel discussion
Algo-trading vs automation – The next generation
As more traders adopt Algo-Trading what are its potentials and fields of application, and how does it differ from automated trading?

  • What specific factors need to be considered when confronted with the make-or-buy decision?
  • What should companies consider during the implementation of Algo-Traders?
  • Who runs the machines?
  • Understanding the regulatory and compliance framework to optimise trading

Alexander Raguz, Head of Algorithmic Trading, ELBOIL GMBH
Erdem Sezer, Manager – Analysis and Trading Strategies, AKSA ENERJI

from 14.40 – Roundtable Group Discussions
The audience will split in groups to discuss the below topics:

  • Algo trading in spot markets
  • Algo trading in forward markets
  • AI in the front office

Are PPAs part of your optimisation strategy?

What used to be a bland product is developing into a highly competitive marketplace for investors, developers, traders and users of renewable power:

  • What are the biggest opportunities and risks with purchase agreements?
  • What impact could the changing marketplace have on traditional markets and flexible markets?

Case study: Best practices in portfolio optimisation


Flexibility markets of the future


Understanding the untapped potentials of flexibility and optimisation

  • How is an empowered customer base demanding redefined business models?
  • How will energy storage disrupt consumption and how can traders prepare for this disruption?
  • With the balancing market now open to a wider pool, what impact will TERRE have?
  • What are the impacts of the shift from ‘commodity’ trading within the traditional market to optimisation within multiple markets?
  • How can traders identify and pursue overlooked opportunities to optimise the asset in the marketplace?
from 16.40 – Roundtable Group Discussions
The audience will split in groups to discuss the below topics:

  • PPAs: Where are the opportunities now?
  • Flexibility markets
  • Energy storage
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Commodities People
Level 39
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AB
+44 20 7111 1615